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KRSB-15 Tank & Dryer Right Angle X-Ray. Kaishan offers KRSD Series “Value for Money” rotary screw air compressors. These come with 1:1 Direct Drive with discharge pressure ranging from 6 barg to 16 barg. Choice of Air Cooled (AC) and Water Cooled (WC) variant is available from 300 cfm. PLC is standard feature of KRSD series. Variable Speed Drive and IE3 / IE4 motors are optional.


A belt drive air compressor offers several differences in contrast to its direct drive compressor. The belt drive construction offers increased flexibility in pressure and our 4 – 37 kW compressors are targeted to deliver compressed air efficiently and reliably for numerous industries and applications.

The benefits of a belt-driven compressor in these applications include:

  • An exceptionally reliable flow of compressed air

  • Efficient delivery 

  • Easy maintenance 


Kaishan Compressor offers several standard features in our belt drive compressors, including:

Aftercooler: Standard on every compressor, the aftercooler reduces the amount of water that must be removed by an air dryer, adding an additional layer of protection for downstream moisture-sensitive tools and equipment.

Independent fan motor:  With an independent fan motor, Kaishan compressors allow you to start and stop the fan based on ambient conditions, introducing better energy efficiency into your system.

Enclosure: A noise-dampening enclosure comes with every Kaishan compressor, providing quiet operation without additional costs.

Automatic belt tensioner: Our belt tensioners maintain constant tension on belts without needing to manually set and make adjustments as the belt stretches over time.

Advanced controls: Instead of a simple pressure switch, our standard controls include a phase monitor, current monitor, and a 16-machine network capacity so that multiple machines can work efficiently together. We also feature built-in maintenance timers and shutdown sensors to protect equipment.

Overall, Kaishan’s standard features improve safety, efficiency, and performance across the board.

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