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Kaishan KRSP
Kaishan Triplex Bearings
Kaishan VFD

We designed our single stage Premium efficiency compressors to offer several long-term benefits, including:

  • Improved energy efficiency: All direct drive models feature low-speed operation with a 1:1 gear ratio that eliminates transmission energy loss, as well as a SKY air end and laminar inlet valve to deliver maximum air with minimal waste. Together, these features make our compressors among the most efficient in the market.

  • Exceptional reliability: KRSP compressors feature premium components such as 316 stainless steel tubing and triple discharge bearings that have a longer service life than cheaper alternatives. As a result, our products will deliver reliable performance, year after year, with lower maintenance costs.

  • Better uptime: By combining power and reliability, our compressors help your operation stay productive for longer. Heavy-duty isolators minimize wear and tear over time, and a variety of cooling features maintain an ideal operating temperature to reduce the risk of overheating. Best of all, when routine maintenance is required, accessible components keep downtime to a minimum.


The axial and rotational loadings are supported by different bearings for better stiffness and less transition noise.

Discharge end ---> triple bearing design.


  • Prevents damage from reverse rotation.

  • Increases reliability significantly.

  • Compared with the main drive motor and fan, airend has the lowest noise level.

  • Rotor profile is easy to be machined so that rotor quality and accuracy are guaranteed.


KRSP compressors are built to be compatible with optional VFD feature.


KRSP Variable Speed Air compressors provide maximum efficiency with consistent operation. Unlike the traditional “Auto-dual” and “Load/ No load” control modes, KRSP VFD modulates the speed of the drive motor in response to system demand. This results in greater energy saving compared to a fixed speed compressor. The VFD feature greatly reduces the starting power surge of the motor. A constant pressure delivery extends the life of valves.

Kaishan part load performance assesment
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