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Replacement of Existing Screw Air Compressor with KAISHAN Make Screw Air Compressor

Updated: Jun 1, 2021

Location: M/S. Kalyani Cashew

Sayan, Surat, Gujarat


  • Peeling Process

  • Cleaning Process

  • GRADING: Color Sorter Machine.

Out of all the above requirement, major air consumption is in Peeling Process:

Peeling is a process where the inner shell of the kernel is removed so as to produce white nuts. The peeling process is designed to remove the soft shell, which is enhanced by the cold treatment. This step of agro-processing will produce the white colored cashew nuts that are sent to grading department.

Fig.1: Basic Structure of Cashew

Cashew Peeling Machine:

Cashew peeler machine uses compressed air as the motive power source. It produces a strong wind at the roundabout near the cashew and this leads to removal of Testa skin above the nut. It is automatic and very easy to operate as it can peel different size of cashews. Its maintenance and cleaning is also very easy.

Fig.2: Cashew Peeling Machine

Ø Peeling process requires 8.5 to 9 bar constant pressure to do proper peeling of cashew. In load-unload machines, air pressure goes down to 7 bar when there is sudden demand in peeling machine during the load change phase i.e. the time when machine shifts from unload mode to load mode. Because of this, peeling process is not carried out properly and need to repeat this process 2-3 time for getting proper quality of cashews.

Fig 3: Effect on cashew nut by low air pressure during Peeling Process

Air Compressor Details:


Ø By using VSD compressor, achieved constant 9 bar pressure on peeling machine.

Benefit with constant pressure: Earlier, because of pressure variation, peeling process was repeated 2-3 times to achieve required quality of cashew, “Now, with Constant pressure, required quality of cashew is being achieved in a single process, resulting in higher production with better quality.”

Fig.4: Quality of cashew after Proper peeling process

Effect of constant pressure on production is as below:

W.r.t. above table, due to constant pressure production capacity is increased. Earlier, 12 hrs. were required for peeling 800-900 kg of cashew and now the same capacity of cashew is peeled in less than 8 hrs. Hence the time of air compressor running is reduced from 12 hrs. to 8 hrs. Also, the production capacity and product quality has improved.

Ø Major benefit of using VSD compressor is during variable load of plant. Machine runs with minimum-maximum capacity by varying RPM with respect to plant load and maintains constant air pressure 9 bar in air distribution network.

During no load conditions machine goes in Standby condition and restarts automatically whenever there is air demand in plant.


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